Thursday, 30 September 2010

LFF 2010 Review : What I Love The Most (Lo Que Mas Quiero)

This interminable bore from Argentine debut feature filmmaker Delfina Castagnino, consists mostly of a series of fixed camera conversations between the various characters, principally lead actresses Pilar Gamboa and MarÍa Villar. Aside from one duologue between one of the girls and a guy hitting on her, with it’s well-portrayed awkwardness, every scene goes on far too long and the ugly digital photography offers little in recompense. Coming across as a slightly pretentious student film, it’s longeurs are often excruciating and it has little to say about anything at all really, even if the acting is competent. As much as I’m struggling to say anything positive about the film, I also struggled to keep my eyes open whilst watching it, with the final scene especially soporific. Perhaps it’s most redeeming feature is it’s length, which at only 76 minutes, at least spared the person next to me the sound of my snoring. Avoid.
What I Love The Most (Lo Que Mas Quiero) – 2010 – Argentina – 76 mins – Dir : Delfina Castagnino
Screening as part of the World Cinema strand at the London Film Festival on Sunday 24th & Wednesday 27th October. Tickets available at

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