Friday, 22 July 2011

Preview : Scala Forever

Amidst the programmes for most film festivals that play in London, there are usually a couple of titles that I’m eager to catch on the big screen. It’s rare however, to find a screening list for a festival or a season of films in my inbox that looks set to trouble my credit card to such an inordinate degree as the new Scala Forever Film Festival. Just a few minutes spent glancing over its brilliantly varied programme has led me to determine that from the middle of August to the beginning of October, not many other films stand much of a chance of being seen, and that if I’m going to see any of my friends during that period, they’ll have to join me at one of the many venues across town for anything from a zombie all-nighter, Shunya Ito's astonishing Female Prisoner Scorpion trilogy, a Marx Brothers double, or a Dario Argento triple-bill.

I literally want to see everything on the programme.

Celebrating the (in)famous Scala Film Club in King’s Cross, which launched in 1981 with a screening of Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong (an opening night to be recreated at the Roxy on August 13th), only to close in 1993 after being successfully sued by Warner Bros on Stanley Kubrick’s insistence for ignoring his self-imposed ban on any UK screenings of A Clockwork Orange, the film that (now legally) closes the festival on October 2nd.

There are simply too many great movies playing to list them all here, but check out the trailer below to get a flavour of the festival, and head over to for the full list of titles playing. I’d get booking fast though, as many of the nights are bound to sell-out quickly.

For  what it’s worth, here’s a few events that I’ll certainly not be missing…

  • John Waters Double-Bill (Female Trouble / Desperate Living) @ The Roxy – Sunday 14th August
  • Marx Brothers Double-Bill (A Day at the Races / A Night at the Opera) @ Riverside Studios – Sunday 14th August
  • Zombie All-nighter presented by Filmbar 70 (Zombie Flesh Eaters / Dawn of the Dead / Return of the Blind Dead / I Walked With a Zombie / Nightmare City) @ The Roxy – Saturday 20th August
  • Turkish Grindhouse (Flesh Eaters) @ The Roxy – Thursday 8th September
  • Shameless Films Double-Bill (The Frightened Woman / Don’t Torture a Duckling) @ The Roxy – Thursday 25th August
  • Night of the Bloody Pint All-Nighter (Re-Animator / Slugs : The Movie / Basket Case / Phantasm / Humanoids From the Deep) @ The Roxy – Saturday 10th September
  • Eastern Action All-Dayer (A Better Tomorrow / Eastern Condors / Tiger Cage II / The Cat) @ The Roxy – Sunday 11th September
  • Cigarette Burns Cinema presents The Female Prisoner Pinky Violence All-Night Triple Bill (Female Convict Scorpion / Female Prisoner Scorpion : Jailhouse 41 / Beast Stable) @ The Roxy – Saturday 24th September
  • Classic Horror Campaign Presents Mario Bava’s Black Sunday & Anthony Balch’s Horror Hospital @ The Roxy - Sunday 4th September

Like I said, if I carry on listing these, I’m going to end up typing out the entire programme. So head over to the festival website and check out the rest of the fantastic programme.

What a Festival!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our night on the 4th September! It' gonna be a scream! I want to go to them all too...