Thursday, 4 October 2012

Preview : Secret Cinema launches Secret Gallery

With its previous ‘Live Cinema’ screenings achieving the highest grossing screen average for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (over 25,000 people attending across 38 performances), Secret Cinema certainly have their work cut out in attempting to top their last epic production.
As usual, little is known about what’s in store this time around, available information from their website and press release offering only the vaguest of tantalising clues…
“Secret Cinema, working with The State of Oak Hampton, will clamp down on vicious crimes through investigation and punish the thought as well as the offense. The State will also fund a meteorological station headquartered somewhere in London to trace the skies and bring daily reports to our contenders and offenders.”
And so once again, the guessing games begin.
What we do know is that this event also sees the launch of Secret Gallery. Running in tandem with the main production, this new venture offers emerging and established artists the opportunity to engage with the specifically tailored spaces curated by the Secret Cinema team, exhibiting their work in a way that “blends seamlessly, highlighted as a journey within the event’s narrative”.
It certainly sounds intriguing, the team behind the venture continuing to find new ways to build and expand on the success of previous productions, adding a New York based event to their 2013 line-up.
The 19th edition of Secret Cinema runs from 31st October to 2nd December, with Secret Gallery running concurrently.

Artists can apply for the Secret Gallery project by emailing or join at
Further information and tickets for Secret Cinema are available from

Get them quick, these disappear very fast.


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