Saturday, 5 December 2015

Feature: 10 Great Fritz Lang Films

Here's my feature on 10 Great Fritz Lang films for the BFI:


  1. Even though I have yet to see many of Lang's american films, I'm rather surprised by the absence of:

    SPIONE: lang basically invented the modern spy thriller with that movie.
    DAS TESTAMENT DES DR. MABUSE: often gets brushed over because of M's fame, even though it's almost as well made and nerve-racking.
    THE BIG HEAT: just a perfect hollywood movie with Gloria Grahame as one of the best female characters in the history of film-noir.

    But thanks for the list, I've to put some of these on my watchlist!

  2. Hey Jonas, really struggled to choose just ten films as representative per the remit! Lang made so many stunners. Adore SPIONE - and it was on my first draft of the list - but switched it out for DIE NIBELUNGEN at the last minute, another monumental movie! You're right re THE BIG HEAT too, but I couldn't include everything, and felt that one was so well known I wanted to give some space to some perhaps less seen. Like I said in the intro though, there are 30-odd I could have happily included, big fan here!